Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Fascination of Plants Day!

May 18 has been established as a day to celebrate the fascination of plants.  It is a time time remember how much plants give to us, from food and medicine to building materials and garden flowers.  It is their great diversity and the remarkable ways in which plants solve the problems of survival that provide botanists, gardeners, nature lovers, natural healers, and gourmet cooks with endless fascination.  It is important that all of us who care about plants share our enthusiasm with others around us who are not as aware of our rich botanical legacy.

Oxford University Press has posted paragraphs from several botanical authors, including yours truly, on their blogsite, which you might find interesting.

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  1. I will definitely mark my calendar for next year!
    Plants should be appreciated more by everyone for their crucial role in ecosystems.
    Since they are ubiquitous, some may have trouble not taking them for granted.
    Plants and other producers are the foundation of the food chain that powers everyone else on higher trophic levels. A bit off topic but, Research is currently being done to mitigate the the pressing issues of climate change. Studies have been ongoing to develop transgenic drought resistant trees in order to accelerate the breeding processes among other things.
    I think this is important research since researchers blame the acceleration of global warming to human activities. I wonder if some plant species would be able to adapt to their native habitats new climates without human intervention in short amounts of time. It would be interesting to keep track of, although i'm sure there are people out there already doing that.
    ^^^ I found some links right after I asked the question above =)